Ampolla de vi blanc Xarel·lo de Finca Viladellops.

Viladellops Xarel·lo

Viladellops Xarel·lo was born to stand out and make things stand out. Its yellow-green colour and its full and fatty taste seek to go outside the box and offer you a different experience.

Here we have a coupage, with a variety, the Xarel·lo, coming from old vines, which define its character and its authenticity. It is a wine made without the intervention of wood. Xarel·lo is a fresh wine with notes of white fruits and aniseeds. Each year, the best parcels of xarel·lo are chosen to make a wine with a distinct Mediterranean character. Manual selection to lower SO2 levels we work in stainless-steel vinification with lees working throughout the winter period. Aromas of Mediterranean forest, white fruit and aniseeds (fennel) in the mouth highlight the minerality and salty sensations that provide a fresh and long aftertaste.

Wine tours of Finca Viladellops

In the heart of Penedès you can enjoy a unique wine tourism experience. Come and discover Finca Viladellops, a location that combines history, landscape, and culture.

Discover the winery (which dates back to 1877), visit the vineyards and learn the secrets of winemaking. Finca Viladellops, located next to the castle of Olèrdola (45 km from Barcelona and 10 minutes from Sitges) offers you a complete experience. In addition to tasting our wines, you can discover little treasures such as the 12th century hermitage, the 11th century medieval tower and the permanent exhibition “Els Desvalls i Catalunya”.

Finca Viladellops

The authenticity of a wine village

Finca Viladellops is located next to the castle of Olèrdola, in the Garraf Massif wine region, in the Penedès, 45 km from Barcelona. The origins of Olèrdola go back to the Iberians; its historical and strategic importance has been perpetuated over time, being in the medieval period a border city with the Muslim world.

Certified organic farm, with 60 Ha of its vineyards, of the indigenous Xarel·lo and Garnatxa varieties, within a property with an extension of 400 Ha.

On the side of the mountain that surrounds the winery, you can see the terraces with olive trees, almond trees and vineyards, crops that have constituted the agricultural base of the property since time immemorial.

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