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Our commitment to sustainability

The land and the vineyard are the most essential part of Finca Viladellops, which is why we cannot imagine carrying out our work in the field without a sustainable and ecological vision. We live for and with nature, and the vineyard infuses our history with profound significance.

The basis of an organic and sustainable winery is respect and listening to the land. The aim is to obtain the highest quality fruit while respecting the environment and preserving the fertility of the land through the optimal use of natural resources. To accomplish this, we use biological and mechanical cultivation methods and avoid synthetic chemical products. The 60 hectares of own vineyards are certified as 100% organic by the Catalan Council of Organic Production (CCPAE).

Working with indigenous varieties is also part of this organic winery mentality and sustainable methodology, which is why the two varieties grown at Finca Viladellops are Grenache and Xarel·lo. Grenache is a variety that is resistant to drought and adapted to strong sunlight, which is why it was a suitable option for our land. Xarel·lo prefers less compact soils and adapts perfectly to the microclimates of the Mediterranean basin area, that is, areas like ours, the Garraf Massif.

The main purpose of Finca Viladellops wines is to convey the authenticity and history of its surroundings

The vineyards surrounding the estate

500 hectares, in the middle of the Garraf Massif

The Finca Viladellops estate consists of 500 hectares, in the heart of the Garraf Massif, made up of Mediterranean forest, cereal and 50 hectares of vineyards registered as DO Penedès.

Every single Finca Viladellops wine is created solely with grapes grown on our land, grapes carefully selected to guarantee perfection in the final product. This selection process is carried out both with the grapes intended for own production (60%) and those sold to other producers (40%).


Finca Viladellops is located in the Garraf Massif, a mountainous area that extends to the Mediterranean Sea. The estate, standing 250 metres above sea level, has weak soil with a clay-limestone texture, but containing a high percentage of active lime and a large quantity of sediment and marine fossils. This is a clear indication that it had once formed part of the sea floor a million years ago.

Due to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea (10 minutes by car) during the months of August and September, morning dew is generated that benefits the vines by providing moisture, lengthening the ripening time and achieving optimal polyphenolic maturity.

Finca Viladellops experiences a microclimate that makes it perfect to visit at any time of the year and to enjoy the outdoor spaces.

Finca Viladellops has carefully preserved the landscape, the architecture and its surroundings over the years. Following the owner’s philosophy, the vineyard has been designated as entirely organic since 2005, registered with the Catalan Council of Organic Production (CCPAE). As a result, the wines are officially certified as organic wines.

The Finca Viladellops project is defined as fully Mediterranean and indigenous, preserving and promoting the area’s traditional varieties : Xarel·lo for white wines and Grenache for reds. A significant number of vestiges of the area’s traditional agriculture remain on the estate, such as dry stone huts (25 buildings), stone walls and wells dug into the rock; a reflection of the estate’s important agricultural legacy since time immemorial.

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