Wine Tourism: the vineyard

11/04/14 | Events, News, Videos, Viladellops

In Viladellops we understand the visits like an experience and a way to get near to our home, our environment and our skills to know better and comprehend better our wines. That´s why each visit is individual according to the level of interest  from visitors. Each meeting becomes different, unique and personal.

The first rule we apply and we should all apply to ourselves is the respect for nature. With knowledge, intelligence, experience and also the observation the vineyard is going to give us what we search,  provided the weather join us this factor we will get to break the monotony although the results could be not our goal.

How much history has a strain genetically? Which memories keeps and from when? Is it possible an internal memory? Do the Vineyards speak?

We know from Iberian times the vineyard was one more element between crops. Archaeological remains found in Avinyonet confirms this fact. The seeds found are investigated.  Romans explored some knowledge we already had in our land. Therefore we are talking of genetics and I dare say a memory over 2500 years old. With the passage of time until today the vineyards surprises us with its character:  the grape is the answer of the land, weather, a hand and its temperament.

The stain like all human being searches for surviving: when the level of dehydration is extreme, the leaves turns hiding from an impetuous sun.

Hanna Aran Jacobsen
Visits & Wine Tourism

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